This is the old text from Chloe’s 2018 campaign platform.

Our campaign is about representing everyone in District 88. We want to honor our history and ensure that our communities look forward to an equally meaningful future. These are the core issues that I’m running on, but I really want to hear from you. There are many challenges and opportunities for our community. Please reach out anytime.

  • A foundation for the future: We need to be a place where people can raise their families and thrive without having to work two or three jobs. A big part of this depends on making sure that teachers and schools are well-funded so that everyone has access to high quality education. In turn, our property taxes will decrease. We also need to support all the small businesses in our District that strengthen our local economy.
  • Supporting our Seniors: Another critical part of this campaign is to make sure that our community has accessible and affordable resources for our Seniors when they retire. Mainers deserve the right to age as they choose, to stay in their homes, and receive the care that they need. We can provide access to transportation options, community programs, and increase the wages for in-home caretakers to make District 88 accessible for everyone.
  • Resilient communities: So much of our economy is based on the natural resources around us–the lakes, oceans, rivers, forests, fields. We need to ensure that our local economy can remain strong and resilient as climate change makes our seasons less and less dependable. It’s about transitioning to reliable renewable energy and using new approaches that will keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while keeping our energy costs low. It’s about preserving our way of life with new creative methods so that it can endure far into the future.
  • Healthcare: Everyone in District 88 and beyond deserves access to affordable healthcare, no matter your age or zip code. Fighting for healthcare will be a priority for me when I enter the legislature. I have heard too many stories of families that choose between food and a visit to the doctor. This is unacceptable.
  • Transportation: Everyone in our rural district depends on transportation to get to work, the grocery store, the doctor’s office–anywhere. What if you car breaks down? You only have one car per household? You’re too old or young to drive? I want to bring transportation options to District 88. It’s about access to jobs, healthcare, and other opportunities that are vital for our lives. It’s also about connecting us and strengthening our community.